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ChangeAlyzer is a professional easy-to-use System Monitoring Application to
detect changes in the Registry and/or Filesystem. It can show you which changes
are made to your System when you install any Software or when you change
Settings in an Application or Windows.
With that knowledge it is easy to find out if a application really needs it's
installation process or if it just can be started when you only have the
program folder. Or you can check if an installation of a software is installing
extra components, like DirectX, Net Framework, PhysX, Toolbars, Spyware, etc.
It is also easy to find out if an application does save it's settings or
something else in the Registry. If the application saves something in the
registry you are able to take a look on which keys/values are used and what
they contain. ChangeAlyzer gives you the possibility to export the registry
changes to a .reg file, ready to edit and use with a doubleclick or regedit.exe.
Or maybe you want to find out in which location a Software saves files
(Documents, Savegames, Configuration files, etc.) on your hard drive ?
This is a simple task with ChangeAlyzer.

Whenever you are installing Software or change settings in an application or
Windows there are basically only two things that can happen:
changes to your filesystem and/or changes to the Windows Registry are done.
ChangeAlyzer does show these changes in a detailed view.

You can choose which Drives and/or Folders of your filesystem and which Keys of

the Registry are scanned and ChangeAlyzer creates a Snapshot of it. After you
have done your installation or changed your settings ChangeAlyzer creates a
second Snapshot and shows the differences to you.

The result is saved, so you can take a look at it at any time. It gives you a

detailed sortable view of which files and/or folders are added, deleted or
modified. The same for the Registry, you can see which Keys and Values have

ChangeAlyzer is extremely easy to use, takes only some megabytes of your

harddisk and provides superior surveillance techniques to you.

ChangeAlyzer Screenshot

System Requirements
- Windows 7 (all Editions), Windows Vista (all Editions),
Windows XP (Home/Pro), Windows 2000

Download ChangeAlyzer with Setup
(1,5 MB).
Download ChangeAlyzer ZIP (2,0 MB) without Setup.

Start the ChangeAlyzer_Setup.exe and follow the Instructions in the Installer.
Start ChangeAlyzer from your Start menu/Programs-Folder.
Alternatively you can download ChangeAlyzer as a Zip file without Setup. Then just unzip were you like and run it.

Using ChangeAlyzer
You can find a more detailed description in the Help file, which can be invoked by pressing F1 in ChangeAlyzer.
Here's a short explanation how to use ChangeAlyzer:

- Start ChangeAlyzer and press the "Make Snapshot" button and wait until the scan process is finished. 

- Execute the Installation / make the changes which you want to analyze.

- In ChangeAlyzer press the "Analyze Changes" button. After the analyze process has finished you will be asked for a name to save the results.

- Done!

The unregistered trial version of ChangeAlyzer let's you try before you buy. In unregistered mode ChangeAlyzer will only show 3 protocol reviews completely. You can buy a full licence here. If you register after trying ChangeAlyzer you can view ALL created protocol reviews completely.

Release Notes
  Version 1.0.1
- First Release

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