This help document for iDevice2PC gives a description of the graphical user interface.
It is taken from the complete help file, which is included in every installation of iDevice2PC.
You can also open this document locally when pressing F1 in iDevice2PC.

iDevice2PC main window
-The Transfer page
-The Activity page

The Transfer page

This is a description from all possible actions on the “Transfer“ page.

A.) How to use AutoSync:
B.) How to use the manual mode:
C.) How to copy camera fotos/videos:

A.) How to use AutoSync:

iDevice2PC Automatic Sync

1.) Select the iPod/iPhone device you want to sync from.

2.) Press the "Sync" button to start the automatic syncing.
This will search all songs which are missing in your iTunes library. iDevice2PC will compare the songs from the device with the songs in your iTunes library. After copying and importing them into your library it will scan the playlists and update them, too.

B.) How to use the manual mode:

Idevice2PC Manual mode

1.) Device list:
Select the iPod/iPhone device you want to sync from.

2.) Browse buttons and search field:
At the left side you can browse for specific Albums, Artists, Genes or Playlists. Use the text field to the right side if you want to search for specific songs.
You can also drop down a list when clicking on the arrow, defining the locations to search.

3.) Song list:
The songlist shows all songs from the iPod/iPhone, or the matches found by browse, search or selecting a playlist. Click in the checkbox from the "Copy"-column to "check" a song for copying. Click again to "uncheck" the checkbox. With a click on the column headers you can sort the songlist ascending/descending by songname, artist, album and so on. When right clicking on a song in the songlist you get the contextmenu. Here you can check/uncheck all songs which are currently in the songlist, or groups of songs from a specific Artist, Album, Genre or Songname.

4.) Check missing songs:
The “Check missing songs“ button will search and select all songs, which are not in your iTunes library. Nothing will be copied now, the missing songs are only selected for copying.

5.) Settings page:
Clicking on the left bar with the arrow shows the settings page, were you can use custom settings when copying in the manual mode.

6.) Copy:
Clicking on the Copy button starts copying your selected songs and playlists, using the settings from the settings page. By default your iTunes music folder is selected, which is fine if you use iTunes with it's standart settings. If you import the songs in iTunes there is always an extra playlist created, named "iDevice2PC_name_of_device", which contains ALL transferred songs.

The settings page:

iDevice2PC Manual mode settings

1.) Use custom copy settings:
Enables/disables custom copy settings.

2.) Copy files to folder:
By default the iTunes music folder is used as target folder, this is fine if you use iTunes with it''s default settings. But if you don''t use the iTunes music folder and manually manage your library you could set your custom target folder here for quickly access when start copying. Click the picture to the right in the edit field to select your folder.

3.) Folders & filenames:
If you manually manage your music library you maybe want to use a different scheme for generating folders and filenames than iTunes does. Here you can select from some ready pre-made presets for folders and filenames. If you choose "Custom" as a preset you will be able to use the text fields to the right. You can use normal text and/or some of the listed variables to build every combination that you need. Each variable is named by two characters, a leading percent sign (%) and an attached character. Every of these variables will be replaced by the corresponding information of a song. Any other characters will preserved as they are.
Please note that there are some characters, which are not allowed in folders and filenames, they will be filtered out by iDevice2PC and replaced by an underscore "_". These characters are forbidden: */:<>?|".

4.) Import Songs in iTunes:
-Import Playlists in iTunes: Must be activated to import/update selected playlists.

-Use playlist prefix:
When transfering playlists to iTunes, by default the name of a playlist will be created like the original from the iPod. If a playlist already exists in iTunes with the same name the copied songs will be added to that  playlist, except when the playlist in iTunes is a smart playlist, then a new user playlist with the same name is created. Also, when the source playlist from the iPod/iPhone is a smart playlist, it will be transferred statically as a user playlist. If you don't want to mix up playlists from your iPod with playlist in your library you can use a prefix here. The prefix (if any) will be inserted in front of the original playlist name. So if you have a playlist  named "Best of Santana" and use the prefix "My iPod" the playlist will be transferred as "My iPod Best of Santana".

C.) How to copy camera fotos/videos:

iDevice2PC camera fotos

1.) Select the iPod/iPhone device from which you want to copy fotos/videos.

2.) Select the "Fotos" tab.

3.) Enable "Use custom copy settings" if you want to define a custom target folder.

4.) Click "Copy" to add the copy job to the Activity list.

The Activity page

The Activity page shows you the current progress of the copy/import processes. It also shows messages when working with a device is completed.

iDevice2PC Activity page

1.) This list shows the queued devices, which should be used for syncing/copying.

2.) Here you can delete devices from the queue. Please note that you can delete only jobs which are in waiting mode.

3.) The progress bars shows the current progress when copying, importing songs or playlists.

4.) Here you can cancel the current running job or all queued jobs if needed.

5.) Messages about the working process are shown here. If a sync/copy job is completed you will see the result like this:

Working with music files from device "Casi's iPhone"
Connecting to iTunes...
Searching for songs to syncronize...
54 songs should be copied to: D:\!My Documents7\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\
54 songs were copied.
54 songs should be imported to iTunes.
54 songs imported to iTunes.
13 playlists to update.
13 playlists created, 0 playlists updated

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