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Players Commander is the ultimate management software for your games.

Players Commander Features:
+ Get your games into Players Commander and you never need to re-install them, even if you re-install your OS or buy a  new PC*.
+ Easy transfer desired games and/or savegames to another PC.
+ Play games directly from a mobile hard disk on any other PC which is capable to run the games. Just start and play!
+ Allows you to use different versions of a game. Play the latest version, older game versions or with modifications as you like.
+ Optionally join all savegames locations in ONE folder, making savegame backup much easier.
+ Optionally assign a game's savegame folder directly into the game's folder.
+ View games by genre, single player favorites or multi player favorites.
+ View play counts.

When you re-install your OS, or if you buy a new PC, Players Commander saves you from:
- re-installing every single game manually.
- searching and installing the latest patches for every single game.
- loosing your savegames.
- creating savegame backups.

How Players Commander works:
After protocolizing the game installation you can get the game into Players Commander. The build-in Wizard can move the game to a separate hard drive or partition (highly recommended). All details are saved in the Players Commander database. This allows to start the game in an OS were it was never installed.

* Let Players Commander move your game installation to a separate hard drive (or partition) is required for this feature.

Players Commander Screenshot

System Requirements:
- Windows 7 (all Editions), Windows Vista (all Editions), Windows XP (Home/Pro), Windows 2000
- A hard disk or a partition for the games. This should NOT be the partition were the OS is installed.

Download Players Commander with Setup (2,9 MB).
Download Players Commander ZIP (2,4 MB) without Setup.

Start the PlayersCommander_Setup.exe and follow the Instructions in the Installer.
Start Players Commander from your Start menu/Programs-Folder.
Alternatively you can download Players Commander as Zip file without Setup. Then just unzip were you like and run it.

The unregistered trial version of Players Commander let's you try before you buy. the trial vrsion will work with full functionality, after 30 days it will show a waiting screen when you start a game. To disable the waiting screen you can buy a full licence here.

You can easily purchase via PayPal or ShareIt, both accepts most major credit cards or bank transfers.
Click the appropiate image below and you will be guided through the secure payment process.
Payments are accepted in several currencies, the amount in your currency will be shown before the payment is made.

Players Commander ,
single user license
EUR 14,50  (about 19.90 US-Dollar)
Your registration details will be shown immediately after purchase and also sent via e-mail.

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Players Commander ,
single user license
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EUR 14,50  (about 19.90 US-Dollar)
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